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Sea-Net provide satellite, Wimax and Fiber broadband solutions for SOHO (Small Office Home Office), regular offices, corporate, Oil and Gas, government sector and/or NGOs as well. No matter how technical or remote they are we have the complete solutions for them to make sure they are always connected. Our services can also be used as a backup internet for providing complete connection redundancy.


We also make sure that the quality of connection corporate and/or NGOs get from us are not only reliable but also extremely secure as this is a very important criteria in mission critical operations.
Here are some of the applications catered for on our corporate satellite internet connectivity solutions:

  • Regular high speed internet usage e.g browsing, emails, ftp, etc.
  • VoIP ( Voice over IP )
  • VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) based applications to connect back to the head office
  • Citrix applications
  • SCADA ( Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition )
  • Remote PoS ( Point of Sale ) terminal
  • Remote ATM


We can also create customized turnkey solutions for some clients with specialized requirement. Just get in touch with us with your queries and we will make sure we get it all done for you.