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Sea-Net Technologies is a leading Fiber and Satellite service provider, offering tailored end-to-end communication solutions to organizations, media, remote locations, military and broadband industries. With our multiple awards, quality service, honesty and full coverage over Africa, we strive always to be the best in the industry.

As Tier 2 provider, we work directly with Tier 1 partners who own and operate their teleports and fiber backbone ensuring fast and uninterrupted broadband connection always.

Reliable Solutions

We provide complete, secure, reliable, robust and dedicated internet services. We will always maintain a high level of reliability.

Becoming our partner

Will give you the opportunity to build a large profitable revenue stream from the most advanced broadband technology in.

Unrivaled Pricing

We are 100% transparent about the cost of our products and services. We offer the unbeatable choice of subscription to meet your budget and requirements without compromising on quality

Latency & Throughput

One of the most compelling benefits of the Sea-Net offering is ultra-low latency. Latency is the time it takes.


Why Sea-Net?

We have the best teleport and hardware partners in the world, we have the experience, we are consistent and Vision driving. We offer comprehensive post sales and installation support with strict compliance to customer quality standards  and satisfaction.

Unlimited Data
Private. Secure. Super Fast

The Internet you Deserve

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