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Welcome to Sea-Net Technologies Nigeria Limited

Sea-Net is the leader in broadband satellite internet for businesses and organisations that need more than just internet service in Africa. Everything from the infrastructure, teleport to Hub is designed to meet the unique challenges of your organization no matter how rugged the conditions and how remote the location.

Low Latency, High Bandwidth

With Sea-Net satellite Internet service as your primary or backup Internet connection you can always count on low-latency data transmission. That means you’ll spend less time waiting around and more time being productive.

High Speed Internet 

Our High Speed Internet service networks have all the features you need. Enjoy High Speed Performance, Scalable and Flexible Bandwidth. No busy signals with your Internet access.

100% Secured Connection

We provide Internet Security solutions that perform real-time protection and ensure service continuity, optimal CP performance and improved network control

Reliable Solutions

We provide complete, secure, reliable and robust Internet and dedicated to the performance of our network so we maintain a high level of reliability.

I.T Integrations

We integrate seamlessly with your existing resources with focus on smart solution and high performance, we build high experience with first class service.

Unrivaled Pricing

We are 100% transparent about the cost of our products and services. We offer the unbeatable choice of subscription to meet your budget and requirements without compromising on quality

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