Unfortunately, not every location has the fast, stable connectivity that’s needed to run the advanced unified communication and collaboration tools. While some areas may have unreliable connectivity, others may have no fixed-line infrastructure at all.

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) technology offers a remote Internet alternative to copper and fibre solutions for connectivity. With the Sea-Net global coverage (through our network of satellites across Africa), you’ll have uninterrupted connectivity anytime.

Our objective is to provide our customers with the best cost and top performance Satellite VSAT solution customized to their goals and ensure they receive the very best connection without delays no matter the location in Africa. Whether it is a School, Bank, Hotel, Government or Corporate, our unmatched VSAT solution guarantees business expansion, improvement and increase in company profiles and values in every sector. Our Satellite Solution is exclusive, reliable, cost effective, flexible and with high-speed unlimited access. With our scalable VSAT connectivity, you can reach worldwide presence on the internet and do bigger businesses uninterrupted. 

Is your business in a remote area?

Are you frustrated by unreliable terrestrial network, insufficient bandwidth, or limited internet coverage?


Does your business operate in different locations and need steady connectivity?

Are you expanding into new territories?

Do you have an unreliable infrastructure for connectivity at your location of choice?

Then take advantage of our VSAT Technology Solution today as we put your business ahead of the curve.

Why Sea-Net VSAT Satellite Solution?

  • Reliable and Cost Effective

  • Robust Internet available across Africa

  • Modern Technology Solution

  • 24/7 NOC Technical Support

  • Shared and Dedicated Bandwidth Options

  • KA, KU and C-Band Satellite coverage

  • 99.9% SLA.