VSAT Satellite Broadband

Our VSAT broadband services can be deployed almost anywhere, making them ideal for business continuity and connectivity in remote, hard to reach locations or temporary sites either on KA, KU or C-band.

Sea-Net Ku and C-Band VSAT delivers a two-way, always-on satellite connection for Internet access and other IP-based applications, such as streaming video, distance learning/training, and intranet/extranet access. This system offers unlimited usage for a fixed monthly fee – no per-minute or per-megabyte download charges. It is easy to use and “always on.”

Applications Supported:

  • High-speed Internet, intranet and extranet access
  • Real-time multimedia streaming to the desktop
  • File Transfer
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Video conferencing
  • IP multicast and broadcast applications
  • Lots more.

Sea-Net FDMA based Sea-Net® VSAT broadband services feature:

  • Bandwidth from 64 kbit/s and up to a full satellite transponder
  • True, customizable QoS integrated in VSAT platform and precisely matching client applications and connectivity requirements
  • FDMA (Traditional SCPC – Single Channel Per Carrier) and TDMA (iDirect Deterministic TDMA and MF-TDMA) channel access, delivering shared BIR and dedicated bandwidth, including static and dynamic CIR
  • Service Level Agreements with IP connectivity available virtually anywhere in the World
  • VSAT broadband satellite services full compatible most bandwidth management technology as well as Sea-Net Cloud Telephony Solutions and 3rd party VoIP service providers.