SIP Trunking

Sea-Net SIP Trunk Services

High-quality calling across Nigeria – and capacity is never an issue. Not to mention, our SIP Trunking can be provisioned in real-time

Sea-Net Technologies is a leading Sip trunk provider in West Africa delivering a wide range of integrated  solutions to customers in Nigeria and Africa.

Pay As You Go

Sea-Net offers pay-as-you-go pricing, saving you from paying for minutes you don’t use. 

Scale On-Demand

As your business scales, Sea-Net is equipped to handle & support your unique needs.


Sea-Net does not use a proprietary approach. Our SIP Trunking solution is 100% compatible with all SIP Compliant Devices that follow SIP Standards.

Caller ID

We will pass your provided Caller ID for calls that terminate with our SIP Trunks. You must own the number being used or provided by us through our gateway partner, we do not allow fake ANI’s or invalid ANI’s (Caller ID’s).

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