Sea-Net Technologies Platform Features

Now, it’s easier than ever to modernize your communications with Sea-Net Technologies. Our built-in features provide everything you need in one streamlined platform to give you control, reduce costs, and support today’s diverse workforce.

Powerful Control Panel

Use our robust, easy-to-use control panel to manage all aspects of your account. In minutes, you can purchase and manage phone numbers; add, change or discontinue service; review and export real-time call data records, and modify your billing preferences.

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Global DID Coverage

Sea-Net offers global DID/Virtual numbers.If you have our virtual number, you will be able to answer incoming calls with your PBX or app across the Internet. You can also forward incoming calls to any mobile number or landline of choice worldwide.

Real-Time Call Data Records

Call Data Records (CDRs) bring visibility into your usage and true communication needs. View your CDRs in the Control Panel in near real-time. View today’s records or the past year. You can also download the records as a .CSV file.


Choose your own broadband Internet provider, from cable, DSL, T-1, or Metro Ethernet. Each G.711 IP phone call will consume approximately 85kbps up/down across your network. We also allow the G.729 compressed codec when bandwidth is at a premium.

International Toll Fraud Protection

Our system watches in real-time for international call fraud, taking immediate action to kill unauthorized calls in progress, shut off international calling on your trunk, and alert you and our Network Operations Center of suspicious activity.

Simple SIP Trunk Pricing

Paying for your SIP VoIP trunk is as easy as setting it up. Our service is prepaid with no setup fee or contract. Pay monthly or annually per unlimited SIP trunk channel. Add, cancel or upgrade channels quickly straight from your Control Panel.

Tier-1 Redundant Network

Sea-Net uses only Tier-1 upstream providers to route your traffic. You get the best voice quality on a redundant platform to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We also employ multiple gateways to eliminate any single point of failure

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Fast Integrations

We support any SIP-enabled PBX system from popular carriers such as Asterisk, Elastix, FreeSwitch, Cisco, and Avaya. We integrate with any open source telephony application and will help you configure the trunks so you can be up and running in minutes.

No Obligation Free Trial

We’re so confident you’ll love our service, we offer free trial accounts that include 60 minutes of outbound calling to anywhere in the world to test our service. Once we confirm your email, PBX IP and Port number, we automatically create a SIP trunk for you to start making calls immediately.

Add-On Features

Want to expand your standard features so you can do even more?

SimpleFax™ Service

Send fax messages directly from your Fax DID, with a web portal view to see all faxes sent and received. Our copper lines (PRIs) ensure the highest deliverability rates.


Enjoy traditional fax-to-email and email-to-fax service from your registered email address and view sent and received history from your web portal.

Business SMS

Seamlessly send and receive SMS text messages across multiple DIDs, even use SMS-to-email and email-to-SMS. View usage on each SMS-enabled DID.