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Video Conferencing

Do more. Travel less. Be present.

SEA-NET is proud to bring the LifeSize range of professional HD video conferencing  equipment to African Businesses. With LifeSize Universal Video Collaboration, users get eye catching high definition video conferencing equipment, and the latest technologies like Skype integration, crystal clear audio, and custom features to match any business application needs.

LifeSize’s award winning solutions combine exceptional quality, user simplicity and administrator manageability to make video communications a productive, true-to-life experience.

LifeSize 220 Series

For scalability, flexibility, high quality, affordable and user-friendly experience in your video conferencing environment, you will never go wrong with the LifeSize 220 Series.

How you connect to a video conference

There are three main types of video conference solutions for businesses: point-to-point, multipoint and streaming. Lifesize solutions enable the best of all three—automatically, without your needing to configure anything.

  • Point-to-point (sometimes referred to as single call) is a direct connection between two locations. It’s like a telephone call, just with video.
  • Multipoint lets three or more people or locations take part in the same video conference. Multiple parties can meet through HD video in a meeting room, from a desktop at work, from a home computer, or even over a smartphone or tablet when on the road.
  • Streaming connects your video conference to others who may choose to view the meeting on a remote computer or mobile device using software instead of hardware. You can even access the video conference at a later time via a web browser.


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