Privacy Policy

Your privacy is SEA-NET Technologies first priority and we appreciate the trust you have in us. At SEA-NET Technologies, we strongly believe that you have every right to know our practice of your information. The following privacy statement will help you to learn more about how, where and who manages your information at

Protect your information
The data about you collected via the Site is for any business or operational practices within SEA-NET Technologies. Your information will not be revealed or resell to other firms; except our employees who represent SEA-NET Technologies agree only to use your information in order to provide you with better customer services

Required and optional information
You have the choice regarding the types of information that you wish to disclose. However, you must understand that some information is required for you to become a unique Site visitor.

Third Party Sites
The Site contains links to other sites. SEA-NET Technologies doesn't share your personal information with other sites and is not responsible for their privacy practices.

Questions or Suggestions
If you have any question or concern about the disclosure and use of your personal information, please write us at  
The file was last updated August 16, 2010