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Sea-Net broadband for Oil & Gas:

Tough and dependable communications where you need it.

From oil and gas drilling companies to full production facilities, Sea-net can deliver the  satellite broadband connectivity that allows your remote sites to communicate with your head office.offers the performance of fiber with the flexibility of satellite delivered cost effectively and reliably.

Higher data rates and low latency means faster internet access, comparable to speeds onshore. That’s a significant benefit for crew. Super-fast connectivity means they can email, Skype and use social media without the frustrations of the slower speeds they have had to put up with in the past. They can stream movies, make voip calls, browse the internet and even game online.

Sea-Net also offers a wide range of free wireless products for primary or occasional distribution throughout the site as added value.

Enjoy Fast Broadband, Anywhere In Africa, Completely Risk Free, At The Lowest Price Guaranteed.