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Maritime Broadband

Sea-Net Maritime Broadband (SNTMB)

Sea-Net Maritime solution is specially for broadband satellite communication on pelagic voyages and vessels in rough sea conditions. our equipment can achieve automatic search, recognition, locking and real-time tracking of the satellite in stormy environments, even in extreme cases such as traversing the equator and typhoon areas. In such way, this enables reliable, continuous broadband Internet access, E-mail,VOIP,VPN, Video Conference, File exchange and other data communications with the world most affordable bandwidth price.

Tri-Axis Stabilizing.
Our kit with Tri-axis stabilizing gear-driven structure enables its seamless communication while the vessel is traveling near the Equator areas.

Highly Integrated and Cost-effective Design.
SNTMB kit is highly integrated with built-in Inertial Navigation System and Ku-band BUC up to 50W. The MEMS INS and relevant algorithms make it cost-effective.

Gyrocompass-Free Tracking Capability.
SNT S120 utilizes built-in GPS/INS system to provide positions and heading references without separating inputs from the vessels’ gyro-compass.

Three-level Feedback Tracking Technology.
GPS/INS/Satellite Beacon Integrated Tracking Technology guarantees a satisfying satellite acquiring and locking precision even in harsh marine environments. This leading edge technology utilizes gyro angular rate, attitude angle, satellite beacon as feedback signals to stabilize the antenna.

Outstanding Servo Tracking Performance.
Our satellite dish is resistant to rolling and pitching up to 30° of the vessels, with a stabilized precision of 0.15° and tracking angle acceleration of 200°/s2.

Resistance to Severe Environments.
Our ODU adopts IP67 protection design and is resistant to water and dirt. The built-in dehumidification system effectively protects the product from ocean salt mist.

Automatic Beam Switching (ABS).
ABS allows seamless connection with almost all satellite routers.

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