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Government sector

Sea-Net Government Solutions.

Flawless communications for the Government sector is paramount. Sea-Net provides secure communication solutions, combined with global coverage to government entities, higher institutions, humanitarian organisations and international peace-keeping and aid agencies.

Sea-Net offers high speeds and low latency to Government customers can take advantage of sustainable, secure, cost-effective communication solutions, combined with global coverage and the ability to deliver mission critical applications when and where they are needed.

Our moveable beams are resistant to interference and allow our customers to position the beams where needed. Our Government connectivity solution supports troop welfare, time critical high bandwidth traffic, rapid response disaster recovery, and comes on the move.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Ability to deploy and connect remote offices rapidly
  • Dynamically allocate bandwidth as needed from one office to another
  • Ability to deliver any capacity at anytime without delay.
  • Unlimited high speed broadband even at peak period.
  • Ability to burst up to 65% above service data rates when required at no additional charge